Target is my favorite store to save. You can combine so many discounts and coupons at the same time you go out with a good purchase paying a few dollars. Learn these 13 smart ways to save and become a pro for saving.

1. Use manufacturer coupons with Target coupons that you can print and the Cartwheel mobile application at the same time.

It’s amazing what you can save on a single product and three discounts.

2. Learn what items they put in special and what day of the week

Visit Target the first day of each department so that you have access to the best selection and you can take advantage of it.

– Monday : Babies, Children, Girls and Electronics
– Tuesday : Women and Juniors
– Wednesday : Food, Men, Health, Paper, Health, Laundry
– Thursday : Nightwear, exercises, paper, shoes, household items
– Friday : Beauty Products, Auto, Domestic, Scarves and Jewelry

3. Super savings on toys during the months of January, July and December 

Did you know that Target will offer daily offers on toys during January, July and December? Yes! They are tremendous savings with great% discount. Take advantage of these great savings in January and July and you would be ready for Christmas, although they publish excellent discounts during December.

4. Match Amazon prices and use discount coupon

I have a great secret to match prices in Target, is the Amazon Mobile application. You’re wondering, is that the secret? Everything that helps us save is good!

The application is very well designed in a way that makes it easy to do your shopping on Amazon. I started using it to compare prices every time I go to stores, I compared the products I was going to buy with Amazon’s online prices and I loved it.

Target and its Equal Price Policy matches the following online stores: WalMart, Amazon, Toys R Us, Best Buy and Babies R Us. All you have to do is open the Amazon application and scan the UPC (barcode) of the product and the application will make an Amazon price comparison with that of the store.

If the price you see on Amazon is lower, go immediately to customer service and show them the price so they can match it.

EYE: The product has to say Sold by Amazon in the application.

I assure you that there is no easier way to water prices in Target than using this application. If you are one of those who like to match prices and save on everything you buy, check in the store that you match prices if they accept you with online prices like Target does to take advantage of this application that is so useful.

* Some Target accept equal prices of a single item per day per customer, ask first in your Target

5. Use your own reusable bags

Every time you go shopping at Target, bring your own reusabes bags and they will discount $ 0.05 for each bag you carry and use.

6. Requests the Target REdcard debit card

Having the Target debit card is the best thing I could have done. Whenever I go shopping I save an additional 5%. This savings is combined with specials, items in liquidation, Target coupons, manufacturer coupons and the Cartwheel application.

Another benefit is that you have up to 120 to return an item instead of 90 days. FREE shipping of your purchases at This card is completely FREE, you can request it by mail HERE or in the store carrying a canceled check and an identification card, the best thing is that you use it with your own funds that you have in your bank.

7. Ask for a Rain Check

If you go to the store and see that the product you are going to buy is not available, take a picture of the product label and go to the customer service to get a Rain Check. This will be valid for the next 45 days.

Note: Some Target stores do not offer rain check. Check if your nearest store offers it.

8. Learn how much you are truly saving by just seeing a number on the settlement label

Always look at the settlement label for the number on the top right, that number will indicate the percentage of savings. For example, if you have a 30 like the picture I show you, you are saving 30% of the original price.

9. Combine all possible discounts on your purchase

If you buy a product and you see that there is a manufacturer’s coupon, a coupon from Target, a discount in Cartwheel, money returned in Checkout 51, Ibotta, MobiSave and Shopmium Take advantage! All these app work in the same way and you save a lot of money when you combine them all.

If you do not have a smart phone you can use Checkout 51 and Cartwheel from a computer too.

10. Do not have a smart phone to use Cartwheel?

Do not worry, just print bar code that is in your Cartweel account. Laminate it and stick it on your regular phone or carry it in your wallet. But do not miss the savings.

11. Pay with coupons and Gift Cards from previous purchases

As well? Easy, so that you always pay less from your pocket, roll the gift card that you have of all the offers where you receive Gift Cards.

Purchase Example # 1:

  • Shopping (2) Jergens Creams at $ 5.49
  • Offer When you buy (2) you receive a $ 5 Gift Card
  • Use (2) coupons $ 2.00 / 2 Jergens Creams
  • You pay: $ 6.98 but you receive a $ 5 Gift Card
  • Final Price: $ 0.99 each when buying 2

Purchase Example # 2:

  • Shopping (2) Ax deodorants at $ 5.49
  • Offer When you buy (2) you receive a $ 5 Gift Card
  • Use (2) coupons of $ 2.00 / 2 in Desodorantes Ax
  • You pay $ 5 with the # 1 Shopping Gift Card and $ 1.98 from your pocket
  • You paid $ 1.98 out of pocket but you get another $ 5 Gift Card again

* Always roll the Gift Cards in all offers that have a Gift Card promotion.

12. Watch pending at temporarily discounted prices

When you are buying and see these yellow labels that say “price cut” look good because there are two different. The one that says “temporary price cut” is that it will be at that low price temporarily but will return to its regular price at 14 days. The other says “permanet price cut” this indicates that the low cost of the item will be retained. Take advantage of these low prices and save.

13. Do not get carried away by an offer that indicates 2 x $?

If there is an offer where you indicate that you must buy two to get it at a price, do not get confused. You do not have to buy them two to take advantage of the special. You can buy one and as you want you pay the special price. For example, the photo indicates 2 x $ 7. If you buy one you get $ 3.50 you do not have to buy the two but you want.

Do not forget to enter daily to Target’s daily offers and to the database where you can discover new coupons every day. HERE you also find more than 40 resources with FREE coupons.

I hope that these 13 Smart ways to save at Target that you might not know, help you save more when you visit Target.