If you enter the “coupon” I would love to know how you do it. I tried it once, but I did not have patience. I spent hours cutting and organizing coupons to save me a few dollars in products that really are not my taste.

So, I better share the ways to save money in the supermarket than if they worked for me. As you can notice, to save money in any area of ​​your life is super important to plan.

If you want to organize your visit to the supermarket better, I recommend you download my list to organize your purchases and save money. In this way I also save time and avoid entering corridors full of temptations.

Let’s start with the list:

  1. Do not go hungry
  2. Other than the visit to the supermarket a family event
  3. Do not take the children either
  4. Take inventory of the cupboard before going shopping
  5. Keep a list of what you need
  6. Plan your menus
  7. Eat reheated
  8. Buy fruits and vegetables in season
  9. Change to the free mark on certain items
  10. Map your visit to the supermarket
  11. Do not enter corridors where you have nothing to buy
  12. Set a time limit for shopping
  13. Schedule your visit in the calendar
  14. Ask your family if you need anything from the store
  15. Just take a shopping trip per week
  16. Use cash to pay for your purchases
  17. Use the envelope system to manage your food budget
  18. Add a vegetarian menu a week
  19. Assign a single person to go to the super
  20. Communicate with your partner about what you have spent
  21. Record your spending in your budget
  22. Limit yourself to cravings
  23. Buy only food and products for the home (no clothes or accessories)
  24. Search for items on offer
  25. Get the frequent customer discount card, eye, no credit card
  26. Do not pay with a credit card
  27. Buy only what you need for that week
  28. Do not visit the stores where you buy by volume
  29. Compare prices and divide your purchases in several stores if it saves you money
  30. Do not waste food

And how do you save money at the supermarket?

Remember, it is essential to plan your visit. First, make the list of everything you need. Then, schedule the visit to the super on your calendar. And finally, have the discipline to make your purchases as quickly as possible and only buy what you wrote down in the list.

It is very clear to me that the more time I spend in the store, the more money I spend!

I am sure that you also have your strategies to save money in the supermarket. Help me grow this list! Share your suggestions by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page.