If you are in the daily effort to save money, you may sometimes feel a juggler. But, in addition to looking for good prices, buying discount days or eating home to avoid delivery, among many other excellent strategies to spend less, you could find a great ally, in your own pocket: the mobile phone. Write down these coupon apps, which could benefit your finances.

1. SnipSnap

It is a kind of virtual folder: you can search for store coupons, to download them directly to the app, review the Money Crashers site . Why is it useful? The application orders them immediately by expiration date, although it also allows searching for them by seller, to access them more easily.

When leaving the store, you only have to show the coupon to the cashier, so that you can scan it from your phone. The best part is that it has a “Near Me” feature, which allows you to find discounts based on your location. It’s free and available for iOS and Android.

2. Yowza

Unlike the previous app, which requires the user to upload their own coupons, allows sellers to offer offers and discounts. Therefore, it is excellent to save money !, adds the portal. However, you can do your own search by store and location. You get it in both the App Store and Google Play. It’s free.

3. Coupon Sherpa

Although there are many applications available for buyers in shopping centers, it is more difficult to find some useful, for grocery stores , says Money Crashers . Until you download Coupon Sherpa!

In addition to being free, search and store specific product coupons, and discounts for general purchases in online stores. If you are interested, you can download it both on your iOS device and Android.

4. SavingStar

Another excellent alternative for grocery stores, offers for major brands, works in most retailers and can be accessed from a laptop.

Its operation is very simple: you only have to link the app to your loyalty cards. With this, a list of savings is available. Did you choose yours? Once the purchase is made, the refund (which may exceed $ 5) occurs through the bank account , PayPal or gift cards. You could even send it to charity, review the site to download it. You can get it for free for Android or iOS. Are you ready to save?