1.- Know the function of coupons

Here in the United States every Sunday in the newspaper they come magazines of offers of stores but apart from that they arrive exclusive magazines of coupons. I live in Houston, TX and here the newspaper that mainly brings these coupon magazines is called Houston Chronicles, which is the main one in the city. I imagine that coupon magazines will come in the main newspaper of your region.

These magazines that are so thin (so be careful when you review the newspaper and do not go to vote), come loaded with manufacturing coupons, these are the coupons made by the companies that manufacture the product to encourage you to buy. They are called “Manufacture Coupon” or “Manufacturing Coupons”. These magazines are called in English Red Plum (RP), Smart Source (SS) and Procter & Gamble (PG).

There are two types of this coupon, this one that I just mentioned, which you get in the newspapers on Sunday and the other you can get on the Internet. The two are the same only that you get them in different places.

Here are the manufacturing coupons:

It is very important that you recognize the difference of coupons, since there is another type of coupons offered by the stores that are called “Store Coupon” or “Coupon of the Store” As the same name says this coupon is offered by the store to encourage you to Buy a product, products, like they offer free things and ways of money that you can spend the next time you shop in the store.

The way the extreme coupon works is that you use a manufacturing coupon in a product, along with the offer of the week and sometimes in some stores also use the coupon of the store, all about the same product. It seems complicated, right? Well yes, at first it seems very tangled, but little by little you will get used to it, also the experience will help you too. Maybe these examples will help you see it better.

Example 1

Manufacturing Coupon:

$ 2 off when you buy any Pantene Shampoo of 12 oz.

$ 2 off when you buy any 12 oz. Pantene Shampoo.

Offer of the store of the week:

Weekly sales: Pantene Shampoo $ 2.50. Retail price is $ 3.99

Weekly Offer: Pantene Shampoo at $ 2.50. Retail price is $ 3.99 (in case you do not know the retail price or regular price is the price at which the product is regularly without any offer.

Extreme Coupon: Look for the pantene shampoo in the store and at the moment of paying to give the cashier (a) the manufacturing coupon ($ 2 discount for the shampoo) and together with the weekly offer, something like this will remain:

Shampoo on offer $ 2.50 – Manufacturing Coupon $ 2 = $ 0.50 that you end up paying out of pocket.

If the regular price is $ 3.99 and you are only paying $ 0.50 you are saving $ 3.49 for each shampoo you buy with a total of 87.47% savings

Example # 2

There are some stores that allow you to use coupons from them along with manufacturing coupons for the same product.

Weekly offer of the store (Weekly sales)

Shampoo pantene at $ 2.99 Regular price is $ 3.99

Store coupon

Buy $ 2.99 on any Panther product and you will have $ 1 off.

Using the manufacturing coupon of the previous example the transaction would be as follows at the time of payment:

Shampoo on sale $ 2.99 – Manufacturing Coupon $ 2 – Store coupon $ 1 = – $ 0.01 FREE

Some stores give you back the penny, others can use it for other purchases you’ve made or there are other stores that simply do not give you back, but you do not pay anything either. Your savings would be 100% total .

2.- Change your way of buying

If you really want to make an extreme coupon and save at least 50% of your receipt to pay, you need to change the way you shop. This is the first step to get the best possible savings. What I mean by this is that if you are used to going to the store to look only for what you need or the specific brands you are used to, then it will be difficult to achieve the greatest savings.

Many of us have different tastes and we like specific brands of things and that’s fine. But if you wait for this brand to specify this on offer and apart from that you have a coupon to use, maybe you will wait for many months and you will miss the opportunity to buy the same product in other brands for almost nothing or even for free.

What I want to say is that you have to have an open mind and instead of buying something specific buy what is on offer and you can use a coupon to have the greatest benefit to your pocket.

3.- Count every penny

Many including me go to the stores, buy what we need and pay in the register the total. We do not keep track of each product that we are placing in the cart. If you are not using coupons there is no problem doing so, but if you really intend to save with coupons then it is very important that you count everything you put in your cart and what you would pay if you use the coupon.

For example if a piece of bread is on sale at $ 2.50 and I will use a coupon for that $ 1.50 bread, my piece of bread would end up being $ 1 and this is what I would pay. So with each product that I have on my list I’m putting what I would pay after using the coupon and not the price that marks the shelf where the product is. In the case of bread, I would put $ 1 which is what I would actually pay using the coupon. So I do for all the products that I have on my list and I’m putting in my cart.

When you keep accounts of what you are doing there are many advantages. If you do, you can realize exactly how much money will come out of your pocket, you will know how much you will save, you will know how many coupons you need for your products before paying and most importantly, you gain experience.

If you do not measure what you are spending, you will not notice if the person at the cash register forgot to scan a coupon or if you simply got the accounts wrong. All these things will give you experience to not continue making the same mistakes.

4.- Use your coupons wisely

If you want to get the most benefit when you use your coupons, then do not waste them. It is true that if you buy a product with coupons you save money, but the biggest benefit is when you use the coupon with an offer of that product and not using it when the product is at a regular price.

In this example I show you what I am talking about:

Returning to Example # 1 Using a Manufacturing Coupon for a Shampoo:

$ 2 off when you buy any Pantene Shampoo of 12 oz.

$ 2 off when you buy any 12 oz. Pantene Shampoo.

Regular Price is $ 3.99

Buying it without the store’s offer would leave you like this:

$ 3.99 – $ 2 = $ 1.99 you would pay for this Shampoo.

If you save, but only 50.13% of the regular price

Applying the coupon with the offer of the store, again using the example # 1 would stay like this:

Pantene Shampoo at $ 2.50 (Store Offer) – $ 2 (Manufacturing Coupon) = $ 0.50 that you end up paying out of pocket.

If the regular price is $ 3.99 and you are only paying $ 0.50 you are saving $ 3.49 for each shampoo you buy with a total of 87.47%

The difference is quite if you use the coupon with or without the store offer, so I always recommend not using the coupons until you expect there to be offers of that product in stores.

5. Time Investment

A few years ago when I was not yet using coupons and much less wise what it was, I met a person who was doing it, and fascinated with all the things I had accumulated making coupons I asked: “It is very difficult to make coupon extreme? “and she replied:” No, it’s not difficult, but you have to invest a lot of time “.

For a moment I felt unmotivated and I imagine she noticed it in my face, she spoke again saying: “But it’s worth it”.

Making Extreme coupon is simpler than it seems, when you already understand it, it will be much easier for you than you think. And yes, you have to invest time organizing your magazines, cutting your coupons, looking for the offers of the week, making the shopping list, going to buy, etc., etc.

However, apart from all the time you invest, it really IS WORTH IT. The satisfaction of seeing everything you bought and saved 70% of your receipt is very big and that is where you realize that it is worth all the time spent.

I do not tell you all this to demotivate you, but so you know from the beginning that you have to invest time. It all depends on you and how much you want to save and use the coupons. But in the end it will always BE WRONG.

I hope my experience helps you to see a little clearer the use of coupons. Little by little you will understand how to use them in the best way and the savings you will have each time you practice will give you the motivation to continue doing it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the subject of extreme coupon is very extensive so little by little I will write about how to make extreme coupon in several articles. These will not be consecutive so if you are interested in this topic, do not forget to subscribe to my email list so you do not miss any article.