Start saving is not that complicated, do it with these recommendations to intelligently organize your expenses

When someone constantly repeats phrases such as “I can not get my salary” or “I do not get to the end of the month”, he is sure he has problems saving.

If you find yourself in this situation, pay attention to these 5 recommendations and remember that spending less now means greater economic freedom afterwards:

1.  Use lists. Not only will it help you sort your spending priorities, but you can also avoid those compulsive purchases guided by your mood.

2. Exchange. When you have to buy some entertainment, for example, books or movies, keep in mind that a friend may have what you want. Loans and exchanges also save you money.

3. Coupons. Probably a friend or family member has discount coupons that can help you if you are about to make a heavy expenditure.

4. Ask for less. The famous bargaining never goes out of style. Even if you think it will be useless, you do not lose anything by trying. In the end you will realize that you can save a lot between several sales.

5. Do not accumulate debts. Debts are the worst enemy of saving. Try not to get involved in them and when you have one, finish paying it as soon as possible.