With the entry of the new year the purposes are the order of the day. One of the most common is to start saving to achieve a series of objectives such as studying a master’s degree, a new car or a dream vacation.

We also know that this purpose is one of the most difficult to fulfill. That’s why we want to help you to make this happen. Next, we are going to present you with a series of tips so you can save from now on.

1. Save on electricity and water

If you think you are consuming more than necessary, you can start here. For example, when you brush your teeth, turn off the tap whenever you are not using the water. The same if you are shaving. Believe it or not, you will save a lot of water with these small actions.

To save on electricity you can start by unplugging all the appliances you do not use often. Even if they are not running, they may still have a small red light on. Believe it or not this light spends a lot of energy.

2. Start to stop costs that are not necessary

If you think about it a little, there are many expenses that are not essential in day to day life. Some of these are, for example, the coffee of work or the chocolate bar in the early afternoon.

If you start to eliminate some of these you will see how at the end of the day you will have saved a little money. And if you multiply it by week or month, the savings will be much higher. You do not have to eliminate all of them since we do not want to take away all the joys of life. But yes, try to eliminate those that you think are unnecessary and that will not affect you emotionally. Saving does not have to become torture.

3. Try to find a way to increase income

If you think that saving will cost you a lot and will bring you more frustrations than joys, the solution may be to look at the problem from another perspective and try to increase your income.

You can start by asking for an increase in your work. You never know, but your boss may have a good day and give it to you. If this option does not work you can look at some of the applications that offer sporadic or freelance jobs. Doing some of these from time to time you will get more income and you may not really need to save to get your New Year’s goals.

4. Always look for all offers

Become a hunter of offers. Most supermarkets offer weekly promotions, so the time has come to know what they are and start making use of them. This way you will greatly reduce the expense in the shopping cart.

But not only supermarkets make offers, but most stores are uploaded to this train. The best thing is that you sign up for newsletters of offers and, thus, receive them in your email. In this way you will be to the last of all the promotions.

5. Start making money out of your money

If you already have some savings, it may be the time when you start to take advantage of these with some form of investment.

If you are afraid of losing your money, do not worry, not all forms of investing require great risks.

As you can see, starting to save is not so difficult since there are a thousand and one ways. If you want to know more, you can consult the savings tips offered by the Financier Mexico loan comparison page . In it you will find more than 100 recommendations for your new year’s purpose to come true.