If you are the one who finds it difficult to save money because you feel very “tight” with your accounts or simply do not know how to do it, we suggest you consider the following information

Perhaps you consider that, depending on your income, saving 10% of your salary may be impossible, because your expenses are really very fair . But sometimes he forgets that there are things that he can do without or that he can eliminate those “little tastes”, even if they are minimal.

It can be complicated, especially because there are many people who consider that they work and try hard to refuse to buy what they like or what they want. But here the perception of saving is also involved , what you expect in the future and how you plan to live or what goals you want to achieve.

To make many of those dreams come true, he knows that for most of them he needs money and, at the same time, to get rid of those debts that prevent his salary from yielding more.

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That is why Personal Finance brings you some tactics so you can start saving, without making great efforts, it only involves changing some habits and perceptions you have about money.

Change your lifestyle

– With food

This implies that you should start considering wholesale and bulk purchases or even start growing what you can. Of course, this also means getting away from the restaurants and starting to make the kitchen one of theits best allies since, according to research, a family that earns two minimum wages may be spending up to $ 90,000 on meals outside the home.

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And if so, if you do the calculation, a year can already achieve a savings of more than one million pesos.

– With the car

It may be a bit painful for your pocket, but doing annual calculations of how much you may be spending on maintaining a vehicle will give you a big surprise. If your work does not really depend on it, consider that between gasoline, the credit installment, the payment of taxes and if you need spare parts, the amount can be between $ 200,000 and $ 1,000,000 monthly. If so, how much can you spend the year?

This is a very important money escape , also related to comfort and a social status that, in turn, should start to change if your goal is to save.

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– With your other purchases

In a US News Money publication explains that a “frugal” way of life has an important practice: buy used. This can be put into practice with clothes, with the appliances you may need, such as dishes or furniture. In short, you will have a great variety to choose from; as long as what you are going to buy is absolutely necessary in your day-to-day functions.

If you do not know where to do it, there are currently some pages specialized in selling used products of all kinds, but also social networks have become a space where you will also find offers. Each year, you may be saving between $ 50,000 and $ 500,000 depending on your needs and your status.

– With “the turns”

Or any kind of extra money that accidentally arrives in your pocket. Many people despise those small amounts that come after making purchases, but between $ 500 and $ 500 that can accumulate daily, in a piggy bank, you can save up to $ 180,000 a year.

In a SWBC blog, the expert Kelly Tramontano explains that the more coins you can accumulate and find “lost” at home, in the car, in your office, you will realize that your piggy bank will fill quickly.

– With your space

Another US Money advice is related to the option of making available to other people rooms that are unoccupied or unused in your home. This can help reduce the cost of your lease by half, as well as for the payment of services and maintenance of the house.

But this advice can also be taken from the perspective that if you are living in a very large place, probably the fee you pay should be the same size. So, consider looking for another area to live in and a smaller space that fits better with your pocket size.

– With your free time

Reading this information you may be thinking that, at that rate, you will not be able to leave your home and you will have to stay locked up forgetting about the social moments you used to enjoy. But neither should it be at that point. All district and government institutions have a monthly offer of free activities that you can enjoy without having to pay a single peso.

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Change of mentality

– With the material

According to businessman Terrence Yang, director of Infobitt.com, there is a very important thought that should be removed from his life: the materialistic being and measuring things like that. This means that there is something beyond possessions and properties. It is good to have aspirations and want to have more every day, but this, at the same time, has a strong impact on your budget.

So, the advice of this entrepreneur is not only to change the mentality of wanting to accumulate and buy more and more, but also to start to reconsider the materialistic people in his life. In the same line, this is linked to stop doing things for prestige.

– With your thoughts

The Professional Counselor, Founder of “DontSpendMore”, Nimish Thakkar, wrote that it is very important to learn to differentiate between needs and desires. He sets the example in a Quora forum: “I want a luxury car, but do I really need a vehicle that takes me from A to B?” That is why everything that involves an expense or investment, you must analyze and determine the difference, which could mean savings in your monthly payments.

This is also based on another principle: do not allow yourself to go beyond the budget you have in mind. “Whatever is outside of him, he must wait,” he writes.

– With money

Do not think about percentages but about amounts. Jaap Weel is a magister in economics who has dedicated himself to studying financial behavior. “Remember that saving 5% in an amount of $ 10,000, is not at all the same as if you save 5% in an amount of $ 10,” he writes in the Quora forum. 

The important thing is to consider that there are scales and levels, because the brain tends to normalize things so that the two cases appear similar. That is why you should consider saving amounts, for example, that it is in vain to do it when you are dealing with $ 50, instead if you are looking to buy clothes, save $ 20,000.